Thermography Clinic

At HealthSCAN, we recognized the absence of thermography in Canada and made it our mission to open a clinic that could service Burlington, the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas. Thermography is considered to be a mainstream test of physiology globally. It just made sense to establish a clinic here.

We believe prevention of disease and discovering conditions that have been overlooked or finding a potential problem far in advance is extremely rewarding. We understand that it is much easier to do all one can to prevent disease than to treat a condition once it has progressed to a state of irreparable damage. Getting to the cause will lead to optimal treatment. Infrared imaging plays an important role in helping you and your health care practitioner in both prevention and treatment.

We are very excited to be able to offer this risk marker detection procedure not only because you want to know, but because YOU NEED TO KNOW! To book your scan email

Janice Holmes

Clinical Director at HealthSCAN Thermography Clinic

I have been involved with healthcare at many levels for over twenty-five years. Throughout my education and professional experience, I realized that motivating people to consider all aspects of their health is a passion. In 2007, I discovered the value of Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging (Thermography) technology and shifted my focus so I could provide a more in depth level of health information with my clients. HealthSCAN opened in 2008 and has been servicing the Burlington, GTA and southern Ontario communities since.  

I have worked extensively with provincial, national and international colleagues to grow and promote thermography and continue to focus on educating all women, men and healthcare practitioners about the benefits of using thermography services. Blending scientific knowledge and my years of experience allows me to give relevant and interesting presentations to many different groups and organizations. 

I am both ready and willing to help those who choose to use thermography as an risk marker detection screening and adjunct tool for body and breast health. I believe, as do many health care professionals, that being proactive with your health and early detection of conditions provides the best outcomes. Book your appointment now......



"I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was able to beat it with chemotherapy. It is nice to know that there is a test that will be able to monitor any risk markers from this time forward. I have quarterly breast scans done now, to follow my recovery and to catch any signs of changes as early as possible."
- Camilla R., Hamilton, ON

"I recently suffered from extreme pain in my calf and was unable to walk and put pressure down on my foot. I visited McMaster emergency only to be told it was a baker’s cyst and was sent home. No tests were performed. After visiting my chiropractor the next day, she had her in-house acupuncturist look at it and both told me they felt it was a vascular issue. Having talked me into have a localized thermography scan done on the area, sure enough the test came back with a confirmation that it was a vascular issue. I took the thermographic report back to McMaster and insisted on seeing the same doctor who saw me at the emergency. Having shown him the report from HealthSCAN and insisting on him doing a futher test, it proved without a doubt that I had a blood clot. Thanks to my chiropractic office offering this service, I was able to get a scan and the report back within 24 hours. I couldn’t imagine the outcome had I not had the thermographic scan and did nothing about it." - Sara W., Grimsby, ON