Is HealthSCAN covered by insurance?

HealthSCAN is a fee for service clinic and all HealthSCAN thermography scan images are interpreted by physicians trained by the American College of Clinical Thermography. Thermography may be covered through an Extended Benefit Plan, with the testing sometimes referred to as "Other Diagnostics".  Each policy varies so we recommend you check with the plan carrier. Thermography reports are interpreted by medical doctors and may be an eligible medical expense on your annual tax return.     Book now...   

Why Thermography?

Choosing thermography over more traditional medical screening will:

  • help determine the cause of pain

  • assist in early detection of disease and illness

  • evaluate nerve irritation or significant soft tissue injury

  • assist in a clear definition of a previously diagnosed injury or condition

  • help to identify an abnormal area for further diagnostic testing

  • follow progress of healing and rehabilitation

Thermography is a non-invasive, radiation free scan with no side effects and completely safe for all ages.     Book now...

Is Thermography Safe?

Yes, thermography is 100% safe.  There are no side-effects to having a thermography scan.  Thermography is a non-invasive, no contact, radiation free procedure and it is safe for people of all ages and with all medical conditions. Please contact our office if you have any health related questions.     Book now.....

Do I need a referral from my health care provider?

No, you do not need a referral to have a thermography scan done.  Simply call 905.220.3821 or email to contact our main office and find a clinic location near you to book your scan.

What Can I Expect During the Scan?

Undergoing a thermography scan is a simple, painless, non-invasive procedure. The patient disrobes (from the waist up for a breast scan and to the underwear for a full body scan) and a gown is provided. The imaging procedure takes approximately 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of thermography scan being performed. A HealthSCAN Certified Clinical Thermographer will proceed with the scanning process with the patient in either a sitting or standing position. Its that simple.      Book now...

What makes HealthSCAN infrared full body or breast scanning different from the CT full body scans I’ve heard of?

Infrared scanning uses no radiation, so the test is harmless to you. Patients who are anxious about closed spaces, as with the CT scanner, are also more comfortable as the scan takes place either sitting or standing. This is a non-invasive scan with no bodily contact. Also, the scan gives a true reading through thermal imaging of how your body is doing in real time. Physiology is dynamic while the CT offers an anatomical, static image.     Book now...

I’ve heard about something that is similar to HealthSCAN, but it doesn’t use an infrared imaging camera. What’s the difference?

We have seen many different types of devices marketed to the public as “thermography”. When thermal imaging is used for clinical purposes, standards must be met in the equipment used and protocols must be followed before and during the imaging. Our computerized thermography imaging system is specifically designed for human analysis and exceeds the standards necessary for clinical use. Our staff is highly trained and credentialed to take your images.

Please be careful when choosing a thermography imaging center. If you are not sure, inquire about the credentials of the person performing your test and the doctor who is interpreting the data.     Book now...