Scans & Procedures

We offer two main types of scans, Full Body and Breast. Areas of interest can also be performed by request. Certain protocols must be followed in order to ensure that your images reflect accurate information and a full list of pre-imaging procedures will be issued before the appointment.

The amount of time to perform the scan varies between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the type of scan being performed. Please note: Examination procedures require you to be disrobed (from the waist up for breast exams and buttocks exposed for lower body exams) during part of the examination for both imaging of scans and to allow for the surface temperature of the body to acclimatize to the room temperature. A female technician is provided for all female patients.

Your report and images will be available for you within 5-7 business days. We also offer next day reports available for a minimal fee.


HealthSCAN Digital Thermography Clinic uses Electronic Medical Interpretation, Inc. for reporting Thermography results.

EMI provides:

  • Real Time Online Reporting via our secure extranet (Not e-mail)
  • Quick turnaround for regular reports
  • Urgent option guarantees under 24 hours (average 6 hours)
  • Ready to print reports compiled complete with all images
  • Board Certified MD Thermologists