Breast Health - There is More Than One Way to Monitor

October is Breast Cancer Action month in Canada, a time when the color pink is splashed everywhere you turn.......posters, hard goods in the grocery stores and even on the football field. With all this fundraising why are the statistics not changing?

Breast health begins with a proactive approach to healthy living and taking preventative action with your daily lifestyle. It is also very important to include regular monitoring of your breast tissue with self exams and breast screening. The method of choice in North America is the mammogram, basically an x-ray of your breast looking for an already formed mass that has the potential to be within the tissue up to 7 years before it can be detected this way. What is not often discussed or brought to the forefront are alternative methods that may be what is necessary for prevention and early detection.

I find this article very helpful and informative for taking a proactive approach.