Fall - A time for learning

Does anyone else feel like summer was way too short? September already??!! For so many years September brought me to such a familiar routine walking through the doors of different levels of education, clothes and supply shopping, all with a feeling of stability as each day passed. Now, as the years have gone by, I'm still motivated to start something educational each September. Well, this year is no exception as I'm writing this blog from the Dulles airport after attending a weekend conference held by the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT).

This is my third time attending this conference (held every two years) since 2008. Attendance has almost tripled since then and speakers are now from as far away as Hungary, Australia and, China. There something about sitting in a room with like minded people, feeding off similar energy and feeling a slight sense of anticipation and excitement when a hand is raised to ask a question.

Thermography is evolving with its applications in the medical community. The presenter from Australia has taken her business to the animal world imaging not only horses but zoo animals, too! Imagine being able to call a rhino gentle and cuddly! She did say despite the communication barrier they are fairly calm and will stand relatively still to be scanned. She also told us they are imaging flamingos feet for a calcification type disease and her favorite was the time spent with giraffes.

In China they continue to use thermography to include screening for SARS, H1N1 and extensive respiratory research. Also, there was an interesting collection of slides representing pre and post acupuncture treatment indicating noticeable changes to the temperature related to the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians.

So, as I get ready to board the plane (hopefully on time) I feel content with my "back to school" mindset and full of new information. Will I be calling the Toronto zoo when I get home.....not likely, not yet anyway. But, certainly I'll make sure I share what I have learned relative to your health when you walk into my clinic.