See Yourself in a Different Light

For the past several years I've come to believe if we could understand and monitor what's happening to our bodies and health on the inside before illness or disease strikes, then we'd be so much further ahead of the game.  I'd like to call it preventative medicine.

I am lead to believe we (this generation of people) are becoming more health conscious by exercising regularly, taking time to become more knowledgeable about nutrition, and generally showing a keen interest in day to day well-being........or are we? It seems to me that's the image being portrayed by the media, commercial sales, and the fitness industry. 

Well, according to Stats Canada (2014 Canadian Community Health Survey), those aged 45 to 64 had the highest self-reported overweight or obese rate at 54% (23% children age 12-17) and face increased health risks because of the excess weight. And, more men were overweight or obese than women. Isn't this the age group of self professed "health nuts"?? The Whole Foods shopping, Underarmour wearing, and Kilimanjaro hiking bunch?? How can this be? 

I don't believe there's one single answer but I do believe if people made or started making proactive instead of reactive choices with their own health it would be a good start. Talk with your healthcare practitioner about what you can do before the signs and symptoms of illness strike. Let's use technological resources (internet, social media, on-line news and information) as a health benefit and, of course, come for a thermography scan! The full body scan will take a look at your body's physiology and identify any signs of increased temperature or inflammation or decreased temperature caused by blood flow or dysfunction to all parts of the body.  Don't YOU want to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your health?