Do You Live a "Know Now" or "Know Later" Lifestyle?

I frequently meet people through multiple email or phone conversations before it actually happens in person. Although this may not be unusual for most of you, in my case it's because they are on the fence about whether or not to come for a thermography scan.......are they truly ready to know details about their health? Do they want to know about their own health now or know when symptoms happen later?

Thermography is an objective scan reporting on all thermal findings related to abnormal physiology within the body, whether it be inflammation, dysfunction, and, with high sensitivity to pathology, neural, muscular or vascular. "What if something is wrong?" is a common question asked by many in a slightly panicked state during our conversation. This surprises me a little (and makes me chuckle at the same time)  because it comes across as if there should be something wrong. Then my mind quickly diverts to the existing healthcare system which makes me think of course people will ask this question. We have been trained to think a visit or recommendation for some form of medical screening/testing is because there is something wrong with us and (in my opinion) 99.9% of the time not for the sake of prevention. My response will vary slightly, but the answer is simple for me to say......"By calling you've made that first step in being proactive with your health and this tells me if there is something wrong, you'd like to know as early as you can so you can move forward with what needs to be done." Bottom line seems to point them in the direction they knew all along and that's to come in for a scan.  

For the few that stay on the fence I say this. The thermography scan reports will comment on all thermal findings, some worrisome and some not. At the end of the report, recommendations will be discussed and whether or not further types of clinical applications would be necessary. Also, the contents of the report can be used as valuable, adjunct information for all members of your health care team. And, the best result is it can be a wake up call or confirmation for you to keep being proactive with your own health. So come on in and know now......not later.